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There can be no better testimony to the recognition of Our devotion to the
cause of Our country and to the welfare of Our people, entrusted to Our care,
from the day when We were chosen with the Grace of Almighty God the
anointed Emperor of Ethiopia than this expression of noble sentiments from
Our beloved and loyal people.

We have abiding faith that the Almighty, Who has vouch safe Us the privilege
to reach this present stage, will grant to Ethiopia a bright future and an
enduring destiny.

...While giving this site for the building and establishment of a University to
represent at the same time a monument to your Emperor, for the service and
the benefit of your children and the future generations and to stand as a
symbol of mutual gratitude between your Sovereign and His people,
We now lay the foundation stone of the University.

The salvation of Our country, Ethiopia, as We have repeatedly stated to you,
lies primarily in education.  As Ethiopia is one, all Ethiopians are also one,
and education is the only way to maintain this condition.
Haile Selassie the First - November 7, 1949