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... However, this achievement cannot redound to the credit of African peoples
if independence attained is one in name only.  In such a situation, the
emergence from colonialism is but illusory, and the use of the word
"independence" would constitute not only a distortion, but also a
disservice to the cause of African freedom by erecting a screen behind which
those same foreign influences which hitherto were revealed to the world as
colonialist interests, could, in disguise, continue to operate.

In other words, those who seek independence, must be prepared to struggle
for it rather than accept it; and, having won it, to stand on their own feet
without dependence, and without favours.  They must be prepared to assert
their ability to maintain independence without exchanging it for
financial support or for subsidies.

Independence cannot be a simple word devoid of meaning, it must remain a
principle admitting of no compromise or suspicion, a principle demanding
respect for self and at the same time equal respect for the rights of others. ...
Haile Selassie the First - June 15, 1960