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...Great and wise men from all countries have told us through the centuries
that the most worth while sort of life is one of service -- 'Working for the
benefit of others.'  The Divine Teacher by word and example taught us that
the only worthy way of living is to give rather than receive. ...

...This conception of education is equally important for us in Ethiopia, where
only education can lead the way to higher standards of living for all people.  It
is in expectation of a rich return that the Ethiopian Government has spent
freely to send you abroad, hoping that upon your return you will make a
generous contribution to the betterment of your country.

We do not want you to return to Ethiopia, American or Canadians; American
techniques in their entirety may be good only in America and Canadian
training will be especially applicable to conditions in that country.  We hope
that you will be wise in choosing those elements from foreign education
which are applicable to conditions in Ethiopia and which can be used in our
own country.

There is a third thought which I would like you to keep always before you.  In
a world which becomes smaller and smaller as communication improves,
nations must live as neighbours with other nations.  Just as your impressions
of an American are formed from the individual Americans ou meet, so a
foreigner's ideas about Ethiopia depend upon the Ethiopians he encounters
and knows.
Haile Selassie the First - September 2, 1950