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... If, in defending Free Ethiopia and her freeborn children from the detestable
yoke of slavery,  you learn to combine the spirit of heroism which you have
inherited from your forefathers with the technical skill which you will
acquire at this Academy, the faith and trust which We and Our people have
reposed in you will be fully justified, and you will, moreover, be able to be of
help to our brethren both far and near ....
Many years have elapsed since We first planned the establishment of this
Military Academy which We inaugurate today.  The Military College which We
instituted at Guennet in 1934 was intended to serve as the bridge towards
the attainment of the goal which We now see realized.  Through the invasion
of Our country interrupted this and the many other projects which we had in
those early days laid out for the development and progress of Ethiopia, We
can today offer unbounded thanks
to Almighty God that We have been permitted to witness the fulfillment of
many of Our original projects.

We have long recognised that raising the general level of education in
Ethiopia required the opening of many institutions of higher learning, and
that We could not attain our objectives unless this was accomplished and
large numbers of Our people received extensive education.  In this same
spirit, We have established this Military Academy in order that Our Armed
Forces might acquire the advanced training in military science which is
essential under the conditions created by modern civilization.  The
responsibility which devolves upon this institution is great indeed, for it is
this Academy's task to impart to officer cadets the new skills and techniques
by which, in modern warfare, the overwhelming numbers and military might
of an enemy may be overcome.

Our forefathers, benefiting from the wisdom which Almighty God revealed to
them in their time, fought with valour and heroism to preserve the freedom
of Our country.  To complement the valour and heroism which Our Armed
Forces have inherited from them -- qualities which no amount of military
training can provide -- there must now be provided mastery of the complex
techniques of modern warfare.  Strength may be useless where skill is
required.  A mature mind and a wealth of experience are needed to decide
upon the time and place where strength and skill may be most effectively
combined in battle.  A military officer confronted with the task of carrying
out an operation entrusted to him by his superiors, feeling the weight of the
responsibility of devising the proper means of fulfilling his duty, will be able
to call for assistance upon the training he has received in this institution,
which, like torch shedding light both forward and behind, will guide him in
his work.
Haile Selassie the First - October 6, 1958