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As we hold Our people in great affection so do they entertain great feelings of
affection towards Us.  As a father should bequeath not only wealth to his
children but also provide them with proper education so that they may have
a richer and fuller life, so should it be the duty of those for whom much has
been done to show gratitude.  Therefore, let us unite Our efforts to show in
deeds what We profess in words.

In conclusion, since the ideas that We have conceived and the projects that
have been planned for the development of the country can best materialize
by the incessant efforts of Our people and the application of everyone's
ability in harmonious co-operation, We call upon Our people to be steadfast
in this noble and challenging undertaking.

May Almighty-God sustain Us to realize these high ideals.
Haile Selassie the First - August 29, 1959