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We do not intend to reserve the cause of welfare donations for Ourselves but also
to inspire others to do the same.  It is with this in mind that We freely granted Our
personal estates and properties.  Besides, it is expected of every one of you who
have assumed this holy responsibility, that the service you render is not founded
on the mere struggle to earn your wages, but on the wholehearted understanding
of the unfortunate situations of your fellow human beings who you should serve
with sympathy, conviction and faith.  The natural origin of every man being man
himself and thus equal through creation, the only difference lies in the
opportunities made available.  Nowadays, science has made possible complex
inventions which are put at the service of man.  Yet, however precise these
instruments, including computers, may be in their service, they obviously lack
those perfecting human characteristics of sympathy, goodness, generosity and
selflessness -- all of which God in His ultimate wisdom granted only to human
beings.  Although man has found assistance for himself in these machines, his
superiority lies in the fact that he is their inventor and he himself is the instrument
of God.
Haile Selassie the First - September 2, 1965