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... From the universities must come men, ideas, knowledge, experience,
technical skills, and the deep humane understanding vital to fruitful relations
among nations.  Without these, world order, for which We have so long strived,
cannot be established.  From the universities, too, must come that ability
which is the most valuable attribute of civilized men everywhere:  the ability
to transcend narrow passions and to engage in honest conversation; for
civilization is by nature "the victory of persuasion over force." Unity is
strength.  No nation can divide within itself and remain powerful.  It is this
strong conviction that underlies the decision to plan for the well-organized
and co-ordinated system of education, training, and research which a
university represents.  A university is the fountain of learning: seek
knowledge, and there you shall find it. ...
Haile Selassie the First - December 19, 1961