Sunday School ~ 10:00am-11:00am
Sunday Temple Worship ~ 11:00am~1:30pm
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... As Our nations continue to aid and support one another in their drive
towards development We shall be enabled to further the great principles
which We share in common with all the enlightened peoples of the world.  
United, We shall augment Our capacity to aid in the achievement of world
peace and to make available not only for Our peoples but for all mankind as
well, the freedom and opportunity which are the desired fruits of world

The nations of the world are today inter-dependent in such a way that the
suffering or privation of any one is in greater or lesser measure a stricture on
all others.  It is the duty of every world leader today to require and accept the
principle of the collective responsibility of all men for the welfare of their
brethren.  We are confident, that in our meetings here we shall find new ways
to strengthen the links which already join our peoples and to advance arm to
arm towards the happy future which is Our hope not only for Our own people
but for all the world. ...
Haile Selassie the First - November 23, 1965