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Independence down throughout the centuries.  The bitter struggle our country
had to pass through in the 19th and 20th centuries, when our own very
survival as a sovereign and independent African State was threatened, is well
known.  This struggle reached its climax when one of the then principal
colonial powers launched unprovoked aggressions against Ethiopia in 1896
and in 1935.  But the bravery and gallantry of the Ethiopian nationalist forces
which were amply displayed in those years not only saved our country but also
contributed to a substantial degree to the liberation of Africa.  In her struggles,
Ethiopia fought not only for herself but for all Africa, and the triumph of this
Continent over the forces of imperialism and colonialism is in some small
measure a vindication and a record for the hardships and perils of years past. ...
... Africa, together with the rest of the non-aligned world, has emerged as a
positive force for peace and harmony on our planet.  While striving to realize
our aspirations and ideals, therefore, all our efforts and resources should as
well be directed towards the advancement of this all-important aim.  May God
grant you the wisdom in your endeavour to accomplish the task before you.
Haile Selassie the First - January 15, 1965