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Aims and Objectives
  1. To develop the social and administrative mechanism to organize and centralize
    the Federation and the Movement see fit.
  2. To achieve official recognition for the Federation and Rastafarians leading
    towards democratic representation.
  3. To provide cultural and political education for members of the Federation,
    Rastafarians, and for others who conscientiously wish to become informed about
    the Movement.
  4. To keep in close touch with Independent African States in regard to the question
    of Repatriation.
  5. To establish co-operative economies in order to raise the standard of living for
    Federation Members and Rastafarians.
  6. To introduce community development projects which will provide employment
    and professional/technical skills for Federation members and Rastafarians in each
    urban and rural communities.
  7. To ensure the observance of Universal Human Rights in accordance with the
    International Human Rights Charter, and specifically, the principles of the
  8. To promote love and good-will among Ethiopians at home and abroad and
    thereby maintain the integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia; to disseminate the
    ancient Ethiopian culture among its members, to correct abuses, relieve
    oppression and carve for ourselves, and our posterity, a destiny comparable with
    our idea of perfect manhood and God’s purpose in creating us; that we may not
    only save ourselves from annihilation, but carve for ourselves a place in the Sun;
    in this endeavor, we are determine to seek peace and pursue it, for it is the will of
    God for man.
  9. To promote and pursue happiness; for it is the goal of human life and endeavor.
  10. To usher in the teaching and practice of the Fatherhood of God and the
    brotherhood of man.
  11. To promote and stimulate interest among its members in world affairs, and to
    cultivate a spirit of international goodwill and comity.
  12. To promote friendly interest among its members to develop a fraternal spirit
    among them, and to inculcate in its members the desire to render voluntary aid
    and assistance to one another at all times.
  13. To encourage its members to develop interest and pride in Democratic
    institutions and to promote Democratic principles and ideals.
IEWF_Development Plan
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