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To be a Member of the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation (I.E.W.F.), Inc.:

  1. You must support the General Working Constitution of the I.E.W.F., Inc. and its
    Aims & Objectives.
  2. Membership is required.  I.E.W.F., Inc. reserves the right to accept, waive, refuse,
    or revoke Membership.
The objectives of the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Inc., (IEWF Inc.,) shall
be as follows:
a) To liberate Ethiopia from foreign ideology (Communism, Socialism) and to restore
the Monarchy and Dynasty of Emperor Haile Selassie I.
b) To develop the social and administrative mechanism to organize and centralize the
Rastafarian Mass Movement according to the operational guidelines which the IEWF
Inc., and the Mass Movement see fit.
c) To provide cultural and political education for members of the IEWF Inc., and the
Mass Movement and for others who conscientiously wish to be informed about the
d) To keep in close contact with INDEPENDENT AFRICAN STATES in regard to the
question of repatriation.
e) To achieve democratic representation in government for Rastafarians and the IEWF
Inc., wherever it may be established.
f) To establish cooperative economics through farming to raise the standard of living of
Rastafarians in general and the IEWF members in particular.
g) To ensure the observance of Universal Human Rights in accordance with the
International Human Rights Charter and specifically the principles of the FREEDOM
h) To introduce community development projects which will provide employment and
development of professional skills for Federation and Rastafarian members in each
urban and rural community.
i) To promote love and goodwill among Ethiopians at home and abroad thereby
maintain the integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia.
j) To promote and pursue happiness; for it is the goal of human life and endeavors.
k) To usher in the teaching and practice of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood
of man.
l) To promote and stimulate interest among its members in world affairs, and to
cultivate a spirit of international goodwill and community.
Application Requirements
I. The membership shall comprise of the PEOPLES of the world who love JUSTICE and
II. Application for membership shall be in writing
III. The Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated shall have the right to reject
any application for membership without giving reasons.
IV. The Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Inc., shall have the right to fix an
application fee. The application fee shall be:
New York
V. The Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Inc., shall have the right to establish
membership dues. The membership dues shall be: (per week)
New York
These dues shall be remitted to the headquarters in Kingston Jamaica. The address and
contact information is 29 Oxford Street, Kingston Jamaica phone no: 876-422-9888
VI. Any member who is twelve weeks in arrears in the payment of dues shall be
unfinancial in the organization.
I swear to uphold and defend the integrity of the Imperial Ethiopian Federation Inc.,
in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.
Please complete and return the appropriate I.E.W.F., Inc. application below:
New York
Application England
New York
Application England
New York
There will be little festivity and few celebrations in these years.  Our task is now to
prove Ourselves worthy of the lot which We have claimed as Our own, capable of
employing Our talents and resources in the cause of Africa and the African
peoples.  The way will be perilous, sacrifices will be demanded of Us, Our labours
may go unobserved and Our triumphs unnoticed except to Ourselves.  And, in the
ultimate sense, this is wholly as it should be, for We are men
and women, and this
is man's lot.  Let Us work together, arm in arm as brothers
and sisters, that Our
progeny may live in peace and well-being, that posterity will honour Our names
and Our achievements.  This will suffice.  This will be Our victory.  May Almighty
God grant it to Us.
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I
Please join us in this worthy endeavour!

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We invite the Rastafarian community and
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