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Oct 4 at 12:12 PM


Dear Abuna Foxe

I warmly congratulate you and your colleagues in achieving the incorporation of the Church of Haile Selassie I.  You
have never given up during many long years, and justice has been done in ensuring that your have a Church of equal
status to that of all the other Churches in Jamaica.  You have upheld your constitutional rights, which include freedom
of religion and freedom from all forms of discrimination.  You have always worked for the cause of your people, ever
since the 1960s in London when we first met and worked together. I am proud to have played a small part in getting
the Bill drafted, but without your determination this success would not have happened.

Please excuse me for not attending the opening ceremony for health reasons.  I am under strict medical instructions to
rest at the weekends, following my serious surgery for cancer a few years ago.  I am now free of cancer and working a
full week, but rest is important for me to maintain my good health and the energy to do my work for the cause of

I wish you a wonderful opening ceremony.  If you wish, you may read this message to your congregation and assure
them of my support for human rights and justice for all.

With best wishes

Lord Anthony Gifford
(A signed letter will follow)