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Jamaica Observer - December 03, 2002
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Rastas want a place in the Senate
published: Tuesday | December 3, 2002

NOW THAT the election in Jamaica has taken place and the PNP has been given a fourth
term in office, the established world and people who love justice and hate aggression
will be observing the behaviour of the government dealing with the democratic and
religious rights of the minorities such as the Rastafarian community.
For over two decades the leadership of the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Inc.,
(IEWF) has been advocating for the Rastafarian representation in the Parliament
without any interest shown to this agitation by the Government or Opposition. This
right for Rastafarian representation in the Senate cannot continue to be pushed under
the political carpet.
The PM calling for dialogue and meetings with groups and organisations to discuss
Jamaica's economic and social plight cannot be productive without the presence of
IEWF Inc., representation.
The Rastafarian community represented by the IEWF Inc., in two general elections
have established that there is a conservative minority within the Rastafarian
community who are prepared to actively participate in the political struggle of Jamaica
in the interest of economic and social development and most of all insuring Rastafarian
community in Jamaica.
Forty-two years ago the UCWI did a report on the Rastafarians commissioned by N.W.
Manley then Premier of Jamaica. This report established that there was a Rasta
community in Jamaica with aims and objectives. Recommendation was also made by
the commission to the government to assist the community economically to create
co-operatives etc., this recommendation was put under the political carpet.
It is imperative that the question of appointment of Rastafarian Senators is made
known to the electorate seeing that it is fundamental to our development as a nation.
The principles of minority rights are the same rights and principles that we fought for
1938-44. Leading to Adult Suffrage and election 1949. To continue denying minorities
these rights today 2002 is dangerous.
If Jamaica is a civilised democracy then the question is where are Rasta and Maroon
representation in the Senate.
The Rastafarian community is an integral part of Jamaican society. As an integral part of
the society, we should be given the right to participate in the business of the nation
because we have a contribution.
I am, etc.,
Int'l President
Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Inc