Ba Beta Kristiyan Haile Selassie I
Facts of the Fulfillment - November 13, 1833
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Ba Beta Kristiyan Haile Selassie I

Hey, M. H., & Rea, D. G., (1986), "Solar System/ Meteors,"
Encyclopedia Britannica (Vol 27, pg. 587).

In the early morning
hours of November 13, 1833, a startling shower of mete-
ors was visible over most of eastern North America. An
eye-witness account from South Carolina bears testimony
to the effect produced.
"I then opened the door, and it is difficult to say which excited
me most-the awfulness of the scene, or the distressed cries
of the negroes. Upward of one hundred lay prostrate on the
ground-some speechless, and some with the bitterest cries,
but with their hands raised, imploring God to save the world
and them. The scene was truly awful; for never did rain fall
much thicker than the meteors fell towards the earth."

It was first noticed on the occasion just described that
practically all the meteors seemed to be radiating outward
from a point in the constellation Leo. As Leo rose in the
east so did this position, called the radiant of the shower.
A shower is customarily named after the constellation In
which the radiant is located, hence the November meteors
are known as the Leonid shower...........