Empress Menen Daughters are Women of Africa; and represent women, in
Africa and the diaspora, who support the re-unification of Our Ethiopian
Sunday School ~ 10:00am-11:00am
Sunday Temple Worship ~ 11:00am~1:30pm
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Empress Menen Asfaw
Queen Nzinga
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How can we apply the knowledge we gain from Empress Menen to our personal

•   Understand balance and that women can advance their cause without subscribing to
destructive western feminism.
•   Appreciate humbleness and recognize how to express opinion in a restrained
manner.  This is often better received and leads to quicker results. Submission does not
mean that you have no opinion.
•   Have a better appreciation for the ability to run the household while also helping in
the public arena (as this is still our task)

•        Learn extra respect for the loving caring nature of women.
•        Appreciate and value your spouse, respect her opinion especially in areas where
she has expertise (e.g., Health, nutrition, home economics, etc.)