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The present political upheaval in Ethiopia and the overthrowal of Emperor Haile
Selassie I and the abolition of Constitutional Monarchy, have resulted in policies in
Ethiopia that abbreviate repatriation in Rasta lifetime.

In the face of this Rastafarians have to acknowledge that their Jamaican nationality,
their Ethiopian sovereignty and the ability to survive economically, cannot exist
without the presence of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and an effective
Crown Council. There is no representation for Rastafarians dealing with repatriation,
either in the west or in Ethiopia.

This makes the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Inc., (I.E.W.F. Inc.,) have to utilize
the broadcast of King Ahma Selassie I as the preamble of the I.E.W.F. Inc., Political
Programme Policy for the directive of our future personal and Rastafarian objectives.
For our future Rastafarian objectives we should interpret the speeches of His Imperial
Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I as the criteria to call all

Rastafarians together to consolidate something meaningful such that the world will see
a meaningful effort from the Rastafarians worldwide after over a decade of spiritual and
passionate dream of the Rastafarian during his lifetime.

Rastafarian beliefs were born out of politics from 1916 to today we have to unite and
that can only come about through the 1993 Broadcast of King Ahma Selassie I to
Rastafarians those that love justice and hate aggression. We have to create an effective
organized policy Programme through farming to consolidate our economic viability,
spiritual change through ‘tradition and customs must be modified to ensure the
continuity of Rastaism.

The Rastafarianism is older than the two political parties in Jamaica. We have to go
back to the blackboard and accept that repatriation became our passionate desire and
made us forget ourselves as the economic man and the question of our political
responsibility and not only our spiritual life today after the advent of 1974-75. We are
frustrated because we still are preaching repatriation and there is none as there is no
political mechanism set up outside of the I.E.W.F. Inc., with opposition from other
Rasta organizations who are living in the past.

How can we survive in the twenty-first century with just sentiments? We will have to
call a conference and accept the leadership of the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation
Inc., and the Political Programme.  The I.E.W.F. Inc., contested three (3) general
elections in Jamaica, we have an elementary school, a medical center and Temple
Worship Oneness. We also have a Farming Project ongoing with over ten (10) acres of
land to plant reap and become economically viable.

We believe that if we have a conference it will result in finding people who want to
contribute something meaningful.  Jamaica is a democracy in Jamaica then we must put
it on trial. We have to participate in politics to ensure our political, economic and
spiritual survival.

We must create our own perestroika to the current economic system. We have to go
back to the drawing board and question where we are coming from, where we are
today and where we are going in the future. We must believe that repatriation is
abbreviated and think more along the lines of creating economic viability, low cost
houses, schools, clinic and Temple worship and try to bring back law and order with
training centers for the youth.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I speech on leadership must be the criteria
to approach our political quest for Rasta representation in Parliament and our Policy
Programme for the development of Rasta in the future through involvement in the
politics of Jamaica as Rastafarians.

Man is a political animal. Politics is the food that you eat, the clothes you wear and
where you live. We cannot focus on the past, the former things of old identified in
Isaiah 43: 18-19. We have to move politically in Jamaica as Jamaica Nationals and
Ethiopian Sovereigns and try to change the politics of Ethiopia and Jamaica from
neocolonialism, nepotism and corruption.

This writing is introducing a Policy Programme that is open to debate and discussion in
the interest of getting a broad consensus on our future as a people. We need people
who are in search and believe they have a contribution to the question of a Policy
Programme for Rasta Political future.
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