Rastafarian Holy Days and Holidays
January 7th
Ethiopian Christmas
Rastafarians observe this as a holiday.
May 5th
(27 Miyaza)
Fasika (Passover)
This day represents a major Holy Day with service (e.g., from 10am to
11am.).  After service, family day celebration starts with the playing of
Rastafarian Music (e.g., Reggae) with eating of Corn bread, vegetables, and
drinking of Wine, closing with a prayer from the Priest. (e.g., around
July 16th
Constitution Day
This day represents a holiday.  On this day in 1931 Ethiopia was given it's
first written Constitution and the holiday is observed annually.
July 23rd
(16 Hamle)
Birthday of Tafari
In the year of John 16th of Hamle 1885 = July 23rd 1892 the birth of
‘Tafari' in Harar, Ethiopia.  Rastalogy accepts this day as the Second Advent
of the Cosmic Christ, fulfilling Isaiah Chapter 9v6, “For unto us a Child is
born, unto us a Son is giving, Tafari.”.

This day represents a major
Holy Day; celebrated as a family day with a
short prayer service giving thanks to Yahweh, for the birth of His Son,
Tafari.  Service starts 11am, followed by a celebration consisting of
Rastafarian music and food.
September 11th
Ethiopian New Year
This day represents a holiday, which is, observed with a short Prayer
Service starting 11am.
October 7th
(7 Maskaram)
Negus Day
(Divine Kingship of
This day represents a Holy Day.  On this day in 1928, Rastafari was
acclaimed ‘Negus’, King of Ethiopia, fulfilling Isaiah 43v15, “I am the Lord
Rastafari your Holy One, Creator of Israel, your King.”.  

This day is celebrated quietly with short Prayer Service starting at 11am.
November 2nd
(2 Tikimt)
Transfiguration Day
Sunday, November 2nd 1930 –  This represents the Transfiguration Day of
Ras Tafari to Haile Selassie I, ‘Might of the Trinity’; fulfilling Revelation 5v5:

“And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the
Tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to
loose the seven seals thereof."

This day represents the
Holy Day when Rastafari was acclaimed ‘Negus
Nagast’ King of kings of Ethiopia; fulfilling Isaiah 43v15:

“I am the LORD
Rastafari, your Holy One,  Creator of Israel, your King.”

This day is celebrated quietly with a short Prayer Service starting 11am.  
Then celebrate with Rastafarian music, rice and peas, vegetables, fish, and
closing with a short Prayer of thanksgiving and blessing by the Priest in-

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