Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I!

Brothers and Sisters,

The Imperial Ethiopian World Federation (I.E.W.F.) Imperial Voice is a communication vehicle of the Imperial
Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.).

We bring this edition to engage and share in dialogue with the Ethiopian, African, and Rastafarian community; and
conscientious people who “Love Peace and hate aggression!”

Highlights in this version up to 02-28-2018:

  • A call to action to members and non-members to support the I.E.W.F.  Mass Movement of The Church of Haile
    Selassie I and the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation (I.E.W.F.) who are standing as servants of His Imperial
    Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I; for the rights of Rastafarian, Ethiopian, and African people all over the globe!

I.E.W.F. Membership Applications available at the following link:

Please share as "Each One Teaches One!" or as InI Rastafarians say, "Iron sharpen Iron!"

Servant of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I
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Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
I.E.W.F  Mass Movement
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Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
I.E.W.F  Mass Movement
United States
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Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
I.E.W.F  Mass Movement
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Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
I.E.W.F  Mass Movement
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Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
I.E.W.F  Mass Movement
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Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
I.E.W.F  Mass Movement
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Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
I.E.W.F  Mass Movement
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Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
I.E.W.F  Mass Movement
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Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
I.E.W.F  Mass Movement
United States
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Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
Important Message from I.E.W.F. International President Abuna Ammanuel Foxe
(added: 11-01-2017)
(repeat: 01-12-2018)
Greetings Brothers and Sisters, One God, The Power of the Trinity –His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I

From the moment we are born and throughout our life we are governed by politics. Politics governs: the food we eat, the clothes
we wear, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the medicine we take, the  vaccination our babies are given, the education our
children receive, the mind of the mentally unstable, the institutionalisation of the young men/women in the penal system and
where ones are laid to rest.

Although the Rastafarian People make up a sizeable percentage of the Jamaican population, they have no political
representation, and as such have no voice in the Upper House - the Senate or the Lower House - House of Representatives.

We must be courageous to change the things that we can change.

Please support Ammanuel Ascento Foxe, Commander of the Order of the Star of Ethiopia, as Senator in Jamaica Parliament to
represent Rastafarian people and all conscientious people in Jamaica.

Please visit the Church’s website at and leave your name and email address to support this application.

One Love
Haile Selassie I Liveth!

Greetings Rastafarian people!  

We look forward to your participation and support of our I.E.W.F. Mass Movement!

Please contact us at:

The Church of Haile Selassie I (CHSI~HQ)
Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F., Inc.)

29 Oxford Street
P.O. Box 334
Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

Tel: (876) 422 - 9888

Emperor Haile Selassie I Utterance ~ Quote of the Month
The_Church of Haile Selassie I ~ Worship-Services ~ February 2018
I.E.W.F. Editorial & Monthly News

Mass Movement

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Empress Menen Daughters League Upliftment
Her Imperial Majesty Empress Menen Asfaw
Youth Group Insights
H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I
Coronation of Emperor, Haile Selassie, 1930
Upcoming & Recent Events
Empress Menen
Earthstrong Celebration

March 25, 2018

Please come join us in
The Church of
Haile Selassie I
(select here to find a
location near you.)
Below is a statement made by H.I.H. Prince Ermias President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia on
February 22, 2018.  It is the desire of the CHSI that  H.I.H. Prince Ermias  be more forceful in  defense of
the Ethiopian Constitution, the  Monarchy, and the sovereignty of the Crown for which his Grandfather,
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, stood.  The Constitution is the law and a political artifact
and therefore needs to be defended in the political realm.

The the last official Constitution of Ethiopia, promulgated by His Imperial Majesty on November 4, 1955
states the following:
Chapter I


The Empire of Ethiopia comprises all the territories, including the islands and the territorial waters,
under the sovereignty of the Ethiopian Crown. Its sovereignty and territory are indivisible. Its territories
and the sovereign rights therein are inalienable.

All Ethiopian subjects, whether living within or without the Empire, constitute the Ethiopian People

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of  Our Coronation, hereby proclaim and place into force and effect as from
today, the Revised Constitution of the Empire of Ethiopia, for the benefit, welfare and progress of Our
beloved People.


On the occasion of the Coronation of the Emperor, if over twelve years of age, the Crown Prince or the
Heir Presumptive, as the case may be, all members of the Crown Council and all members of the
Parliament, shall individually take an oath of homage and fidelity to the Emperor.


In persuance of the requirements of Artical 22, the members of the Crown Council shall take the
following oath:

"In the name of the Almighty, I hereby swear allegiance and fidelity to my Sovereign,
His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie I and that I will, as member of the Parliament,
faithfully place above all else the interest and welfare of Ethiopia and of its Sovereign;
that I will at all times, faithfully respect the Constitution and  laws of the Empire, and
that I will disclose no secret or confidential information revealed to me in connection
with my official duties and position.  So help me God.

Full text of 1955 Constitution can be found at this link.
Statement on the Current Situation in Our Country


A Statement from the Crown Council of Ethiopia by its President,

His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie

22 February 2018

Our beloved Ethiopia is currently beset by challenges and difficulties. It is an historically important time
for all Ethiopians. It is a time when we must realize that we can choose a path of unity, hope, and
leadership, or we can allow ourselves to fall into mutual antagonisms and thereby choose a path which
leads to the break-up of the great experiment which began more than three millennia ago. We can
recommit ourselves to being the great, noble, and gracious collection known as Ethiopia, or we can
succumb to becoming a mere collection of small, petty, and struggling societies.

We are at a point where we can choose our future, and whether or not we choose to overcome our
difficulties and challenges to become again a unified, prosperous example to Africa and the world.

Our forefathers maintained our sovereignty, moving the Solomonic Crown — the historical identity of
the peoples of our great collection of societies — to the position where its primary function was to
represent and inspire the unity and nobility of our nation and peoples. We reiterate those respective
positions of the Crown and the age-old traditions of Ethiopia.

The Crown takes no political role when it calls on all of us to ensure that we do not harm our great
country. We understand that there are differences between individuals and between communities, but
equally we understand that this is a time when these issues must be approached carefully, judiciously,
and not in haste or in anger.

There are many external forces at work on our country, anxious to inflame mutual distrust within
Ethiopia, and to promote the forces of secession or irredentism. It is easy to fall into the trap of reaction
and indignation, a process which, while addressing short-term challenges and emotions, has long-term
consequences. Above all, we must remember the special relationship which our great Ethiopia — and its
peoples of several different Abrahamic paths — has with God.

Political frustrations do occur in multi-cultural societies like Ethiopia, but they are best channeled by
building and strengthening democratic institutions. But in the meantime, we must remain cognizant of
our shared identity, our unity as a gathering of many peoples, and our great and noble purpose as a
special society which is destined once again to set an example of tolerance, hospitality, generosity, and

The only beneficiaries of a disunited or dismembered Ethiopia are those who wish to see our great
history rendered meaningless and our potential as a society destroyed, and those beneficiaries are not
Ethiopians. We have all learned the dangers of times of inflamed emotions, and we trust in our civil
society and our institutions of state to act with restraint and kindness.

My fellow Ethiopians: please pause; please offer compassion when provoked to reaction. Let us start to
rebuild the greatness of Ethiopia which began with our origins three millennia ago. We pray that calm
heads and tolerant hearts prevail, and that together we emphasize and build upon our shared identities
and values. What differences exist between our communities must be seen as the shades which exist
within a family. Nothing can be as devastating as the destruction of family; but nothing is as worthwhile
or productive as the shared pride in the special differences which exist within it.
A copy of the official statement -->>>

Rastafarian Holy Days
Rastafarians have many days that are celebrated and recognized; 5 days amongst many, which are considered  special
and sacred are:
Earthday (Earthstrong)
The date in which we are given life to serve our God in the image in which we are created; to serve with all our
mind, heart, and soul.
May 5th (5th of Miyaza) - “Fasika” (Passover)
This day represents a major Holy Day with service.  After service, family day celebration starts with the playing of
Rasta Music (e.g., Reggae) with refreshments, closing with a prayer from the Priest.

...Today is a day on which Ethiopia is stretching her hands to God in joy and thankfulness and revealing her happiness
to her children....  This day, on which the people of Ethiopia are freed from oppressive foreign yoke and eternal
servitude and on which I am enabled to rejoin my people, whom I love and have longed for,  will be honoured as a
holiday to be commemorated annually as a Great Ethiopian Anniversary.  On this day we shall remember those heroic
warriors who, determined not to surrender the great charge passed on to them by their Father, became sacrifices,
shedding their blood and breaking their bones for the freedom of the land they loved and for the honour of their
Emperor and their flag.  The history of Ethiopia will be witness for these Our warriors.
July 23rd 1892 (16 Hamle) - 2nd Advent of the Cosmic Christ
Rastalogy accepts this day as the Second Advent of the Cosmic Christ, fulfilling Isaiah Chapter 9 v6, “For unto us a
Child is born, unto us a Son is given, Tafari.”.

This day represents a major Holy Day; celebrated as a family day with a short prayer service giving thanks to
Yahweh, for  the birth of His Son, Tafari.  Service starts (e.g., 11am), followed by a celebration consisting of Rasta
Music and food.
October 7th 1928 (7 Maskaram) - Divine Kingship of Rastafari
This day represents a Holy Day.  This is when Rastafari was acclaimed ‘Negus’, King of Ethiopia, fulfilling Isaiah
, “I am  the Lord Rastafari your Holy One Creator of Israel, your King.”.  The Church of Haile Selassie I
celebrates with short Prayer  and Service starting at 11am.
November 2nd 1930 (2 Tikimt) - Transfiguration Day
This represents the Transfiguration Day of  Negus Ras Tafari to Emperor Haile Selassie I, ‘Might of the Trinity’  
Revelation 5v5, “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed.”  This day represents the Holy Day when
Rastafari was  acclaimed ‘Negus Negast’ King of kings Emperor of Ethiopia; Fulfilling
Isaiah 43v15;

“I am the Lord Rastafari your Holy One Creator of Israel, your King.”

This day is celebrated quietly with a short Prayer Service (e.g., starting 11am).  Then celebrate with Rasta Music,
rice and  peas, vegetables and  fish, closing with a short Prayer of thanksgiving by the Priest with blessing.

The history of Ethiopia for the past half a century has revolved materially around events in which Haile Selassie First
has been  the prime mover.  In times of stress, in times of joy, his leadership in resolving the hopes, fears and
aspirations of the Ethiopian people has been distinctive, his guidance indispensable and decisive.  His people and the
world have acclaimed him a fighter not  only in defence of the integrity of Ethiopia.  He has been a champion for world
peace and a man whose principles have contributed manfully to the history of his day and age.  His public utterances
in this phase of the national and international drama of peace and war speak by themselves most eloquently.
Holy Day Donations
This is an opportunity for all those who believe in the plight of Ethiopians, Africans, Rastafarians, and
conscientious people  around the globe, who Love Justice and hate aggression, to pledge their support by donating
The Church of Haile Selassie  I and the I.E.W.F. in the execution of the Aims and Objectives of the Imperial
Ethiopian World Federation.

We overstand the various financial pressures we face in our daily lives and the numerous worthy causes needing
our financial contributions; therefore we are asking our supporters to "reach out" on each of our Holy Days and
donate (1$, 5$, 10$, 20$, 50$, 100$, 500$+, etc.) whatever we are able to give on one of those days listed above
(no amount is too small).  We hope this relieves some pressure, but still provides specific opportunities
throughout the year to contribute to a cause important to each of us.
May 5th (5th of Miyaza) - “Fasika” (Passover)
Thank you! Bless!
We welcome whatever support we receive and ask that JAH richly bless our supporters.

Thank You! JAH Guide and Protect!

Servant of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I
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Q & A
Recently we debuted the Q&A section in which we are asking for input from our Rastafarian Brethren and Sistren
from all houses and all conscientious people, who "Love Peace and hate aggression".

Please send in your Questions and we will make every attempt to address your questions, concerns, and inquires
(  Bless!
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Please send recommendations to
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The following official letters below provide evidence of the transition from the now defunct
Ethiopian World Federation (E.W.F.) to the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (I.E.W.F.)
June 18, 1973
July 30, 1973
July 1, 1983 (pg 1)
July 1, 1983 (pg 2)
Sept. 27, 1983
I.E.W.F. Survey being developed to identify differences and solutions amongst various Rastafarian mansions.
Please review the contents which is a compilation of  the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation (I.E.W.F.) and The
Church of Haile Selassie I activities; along with various other subjects brought together to provide a convenient
source for updates and feedback.  We advocate for continuous improvement in our communications to our
International News Around the Globe
Please join us!  Become a I.E.W.F., Inc. Member
Thank you!
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