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The Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Inc. is an organisation with worldwide
chapters representing the Ethio-Africans and the Nationals within politics in their
respective geographical locations.

The International Headquarters is established in Jamaica and the International
President is Bro. Ascento Foxe, who brought the Royal Charters to Jamaica in 1983 for
the implementation of the renewed Charter that was modified from the Ethiopian
World Federation Inc. (E.W.F. Inc.) to Imperial Ethiopian World Federation
Incorporated (I.E.W.F. Inc.), with its ideological base known as "Modern Ethiopianism".

In the year 1992 the I.E.W.F. Inc. in its agitation for Rastafarian Fundamental Rights
and Freedom, wrote to the Commission on Constitutional Reform, presenting five
points for amendment to the Constitution of Jamaica. The organisation, along with
other entities, was called to give oral testimony before the Joint Select Committee of
Parliament on October 12, 1994. At this meeting the I.E.W.F. Inc identified itself as the
emerging Third
The Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated Political Party was officially
launched on July 16, 1997.
The I.E.W.F. Inc. first entered the political arena in the 1997
Jamaican General Election with the following five (5) candidates:

Junior Anderson (1st Vice President) - Kingston Central
Leroy Lindsay (General Secretary - St. Andrew Western
Dilpi Champagnie - St. Andrew North Western
Trevor Sharras - St. Catherine South Eastern
Aaron Golding - Clarendon North Central

The I.E.W.F. Inc.'s main advocation, as it's genesis, is in local politics to have
representation' for the Rastafarian community and the "Grassroots" people through
the I.E.W.F. Inc.  The I.E.W.F.'s presence and representation in the Jamaican Parliament
is to ensure Rastafarian community representation within Jamaica's democracy.