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Rest In Peace
Bongo Iauwata Amha Selassie
(added: 08/03/2017)
A great Lion has departed this physical
realm from amounts InI , even a musical
god , an anicent of the Theocracy Reign
Order of the Nyahbinghi here in Canada ,
and universally : Bongo Iauwata Amha
Selassie the blood brother of bongo Xola
Lololi also an anicent of the Nyahbinghi
here in Canada.

I bear witness of the zeal and the love that
this Anicent have for HIM Qedamawi Haile
Selassie and Empress Itege Menen , and
also the nyahbinghi livity . Not even
sickness could of prevented him from
troding binghi and giving ises to the King
of kings and Queen of Queens . Yes you
truly serve His Majesty with the last of
your breath.

May His angels of light descend for thee i ,
may you ride in the chariot of fire . May
you dwell in the bosom of the king of kings.

InI all miss thee i . May HIM Qedamawi
Haile Selassie and Empress itege Menen ,
give your family peace in this time of
sorrows . Put thou their tears into thy
bottle O thou MostHigh.

Ride InI belove anicent , ride on the wings
of the winds .
Charles Geuber
April 2017
(added: 06/21/2017)
Daddy Vigo
March 2016
(added: 06/27/2017)
Ras "Bongo Watto" Boanerges
July 1925 - 2000
(added: 07/01/2017)
The Great Patriarch of the Nyahbinghi
Order . Ras Boanerges , the Great Bongo
Watto . Born 1st July 1925 - 2000 . It was
him , with Bongo Philip and Bongo Arthur ,
that establish the Youth Black faith in
which the Theocracy Reign Ivine Order of
the Nyahbinghi were re-resurrected on the
Island of Jamaica .